Workers’ Comp Information

We Want to Arm You With the Facts

Injured workers get jerked around a lot by insurance companies. The insurance company often does not want to pay legitimate claims. Even if they are willing to pay, they give the injured worker a hard time, make the worker wait or jump through hoops.

Right now, in Maryland, it’s a little bit different for law enforcement. Public safety officers are treated with a little more care and deference by workers’ compensation insurers. At Warnken, LLC, we obviously hope that continues – it makes your life easier and it makes our life easier. However, there’s no guarantee it will continue. We also handle a great deal of non-public safety workers’ comp. It’s different and more difficult.

However, make no mistake…even when the insurance company is cooperating with you, it’s not like they are in the business of maximizing your benefits. Whether it’s us or someone else, you always want to get a workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland with experience in police comp cases. Always.