Some injuries and conditions are more common than others when it comes to law enforcement and workers’ compensation.  See the articles below for more information about specific injuries …

  • Hypertension | Heart Disease

    Deemed to be Covered by Comp Presumption.  An act of accepting that something is true until it is proved not true.  There are rare situations in which someone who is injured or suffering an ailment enjoys a presumption that an injury is job related even though, in most professions, that injury wouldn’t be job related.  A […]

  • Back Problems, Knee Problems, and Equipment Weight

    Numerous law enforcement officers we have represented would not file a workers’ comp case for health issues cause by wearing a gun belt.  Many deem it part of the job and don’t believe they should be compensated for it, even if it screws up their health. This is one of the reasons we represent police […]

  • PTSD

    by Byron B. Warnken My grandfather was a fighter pilot in WWII.  His plane was shot down over Germany.  He was a prisoner of war for 19 months.  His wife, my grandmother, was initially told by the Red Cross that he was missing in action.  Then they told her he was dead.  Then, months later, […]

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Do Law Enforcement Officers Get Carpal Tunnel? Police officers are known to have hypertension, heart disease, PTSD, back injuries, and knee injuries.  Of course, as with almost every job, a police officer can be in the unfortunate situation of having an unlimited number of workers’ compensation injuries.  Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is not as common […]