Police Officers

Police Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation for law enforcement officers is not the same as for civilians. There’s good reason for this. It’s a far more dangerous job than the average job. The majority of society does not understand the risks inherent in being a police officer.

Even those who understand the danger in being a police officer, don’t necessarily understand the nuances. Going “lights and sirens” even just once or twice a shift is stress that most people will never comprehend. This stress wears on the body over time. It’s for this reason that there’s a presumption that hypertension is a covered injury for police officers’ in workers’ comp. It’s not just hypertension. There are a host of occupational conditions that the average law enforcement officer will be subject to.

There’s also good reason that cops start out in a higher tier in workers’ comp … there is and should be a giving back by society when one of their protectors is injured on the job.

Despite how the media and society portrays it, the vast majority of police officers are great people who take deep pride in taking care of society and its citizens. It’s for this reason that giving back is appropriate.

Warnken, LLC has more than 20 years of representing the Maryland Troopers Association and handling workers’ comp cases for police. It’s a job in which we take great pride. Not only do we represent State Troopers – we represent law enforcement from around the state. We handle workers’ compensation for Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, the Eastern Shore and virtually any other county or city agency.